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I have learned to integrate my academic experiences in the public relations and marketing fields to plan, coordinate, and promote dance events. I hold a BA in public relations and an MBA in marketing. The skills and concepts I have learned have influenced my decisions to produce dance events. 

Do you need help coordinating or marketing your next dance/entertainment event?

Event Coordination: Lessons
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CONNECT was launched in the spring of 2019 and is co-produced by Nikki Gyftopoulos and Tjay 'Bread' Martino aka "NIK&T". The purpose of CONNECT is to bring the New England dance community together to share artistry and build lasting partnerships in the NE dance sphere … no competition, no stress, just good times & good vibes. Performances include dancers, dance studios, and dance crews from all over New England. The original idea sparked from the need to raise funds for one of my young mentee dancers to travel to LA and train, but because of its great success, we decided to continue to produce the showcase twice per year.




INSIGHT is an 8-week professional development series for dancers looking to advance their training, both mentally and physically. Directed by Nikki Gyftopoulos and Tjay 'Bread' Martino , the curriculum for the series will push dancers to think about their training from a new angle, encompassing way more than just learning a choreography combination. Members of each INSIGHT cohort take part in: 

  • Advanced choreography combination

  • Techniques & exercises to learn choreography faster

  • Tourography workshops to develop staging abilities

  • Stamina and health workshops, for both mind and body

  • Choreography/teaching development workshops

  • Improvisation and freestyle development

  • Resume and portfolio building

  • Dance videography experience

Event Coordination: Events

November 26, 2016


Dance for Haiti was an all-day hip-hop and contemporary workshop produced by my colleague Jared Rivers and myself in fall 2016. The event space was donated by Mohegan Sun and all of the proceeds were donated to the non-profit organization Hope for Haiti to aid the victims of Hurricane Matthew. We were able to bring in well-known professional choreographers including Hannah Frederick, Junior Cius, Megz Alfonso, Neil Schwartz, Kelly Peters, and Keenan CooksBy the end of the event, a total of over $8,000 was raised and donated. 


February 7, 2016


The Audition Experience was a mock audition experience for dancers of all ages in the New England area. Students from all areas and studios came together for a day of learning, training, and growth. The dancers took part in 3 different mock auditions in the styles of hip-hop, contemporary, and jazz. At the end of the audition, the choreographers and casting directors took part in a Q & A with the dancers about the ins and outs of the audition process. Dancers who excelled in the mock audition were awarded scholarships, including Monsters of Hip-Hop, The Pulse on Tour, and Boston Community Dance Project.

Event Coordination: Events
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