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There is a distinct difference between dancer, teacher, & choreographer. To be able to describe myself as all three, I believe it is important to understand this difference. The testimonials below are provided to showcase my ability and work ethic in all three categories.  

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"Nikki's professionalism and energy far surpass many teachers in our industry today. She approached each class and level with different material that was appropriate for their ages. Nikki was engaging, knowledgeable, high energy, fun and most importantly, an amazing teacher. She breaks down the material to help dancers of all backgrounds feel accomplished. Nikki will be Rebel Dance Alliance's go to teacher. the dancers LOVED her as did we!" ~Bryan Steele, Owner/Director Rebel Dance Alliance Convention

"We've always been a successful studio because our emphasis is on making sure the dancers have a well-rounded education in core skills, as well as exposure to multiple styles of dancing and acrobatics, but adding Nikki to our staff has taken the routines she has input on to another level. The way she pours her passion for dance into the children is evident when they step on stage to perform. Making sure they understand the meaning and emotion of her powerful choreography, as well as the movements, is evident in her growing number of awards and accolades." ~ Angela Mendez Pontarelli, Owner/Director Rising Stars Dance Academy 

"I can't explain what I look for in a dancer, but I know what it is when I see it. Nikki had that it factor. Her hard work and dedication to progress surpassed any criticism and doubt from day one. She worked her way up to the top leading role in my dance company very quickly. I consider her my colleague now and till this day I look to her for advice in professional matters. She continues to amaze me with her awards, achievements, and growing success." ~Keith Silva, Director of The Movement Specialists 

"Over the past two years, Nikki has been our daughter, Paityn's, teacher and choreographer. Nikki's choreography is a beautiful gift that allows our daughter to express herself. She has helped our little girl transform her self-esteem, poise, discipline, and dedication that has in return given us a wonderfully talented young lady. Not only do we feel Nikki is an excellent choreographer, we feel strongly that she ats as a role model and an inspiration for our daughter and to dancers everywhere. We are privileged to have found such a wonderful person to nurture our child to become all that she can be." ~Heather and Jereme Caron, parents of Paityn Caron 

"Nikki is everything you look for when searching for a professional dance teacher or choreographer" ~ Brandie Souza, Owner/Director Powerhouse Dance 

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